Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hidden Camera

I"m in love with the photo app, instagram.

I do it all the time.

I instagram in the morning, while I'm eating, when I'm painting, during church....

Just kidding, I don't instagram in church. I just do it before and after. Amen.

Lately, my favorite subject to instagram is Pop.

But Pop doesn't know it...

Which makes it even better.

This is of Pop at Easter.  He's sitting there trying to calculate how many eggs he can steal from all his grandson's Easter baskets.  The answer was how ever many he wants, because, well...because he's Pop.

'Nuff said.

This is of Pop at the Brahman Breeder's basketball game.  He's sitting there trying to come up with an excuse to leave.  He never found one, because he was sitting by me the whole time and enjoys my company so much that it would break his heart to leave.

'Nuff said.

Now these pictures below...

Pop was fully aware I was taking them.

Because I made him pose...after church.

This mustache is famous where I come from.

It mesmerizes people to a state of confusion and wonder.

And I just walk around saying, "Yea. That's my Grandpa!"

Then people throw eggs at me.

This picture of Pop is one of my favorite picture in da world. Ya dig?

It sums up his character, his demeanor, and his purpose in life.

Well, actually he has two purposes in life, and one of them is to spoil his granddaughters rotten. Amen.

Peace, Love, & Thank You Pop for being the star of my instagram...even though you don't always know it.

Sweet T

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