Monday, April 16, 2012

This Is How We Roll

We have a new house.

Well, actually it's an old house that is new to us because we have never lived in it before.  But soon it will not be so new anymore because we will move into it and live there...because that's what people do...they live in houses.

When we ("We" being my odd family) live in houses we like to paint every inch of them before we find it acceptable. So, as you can imagine, our poor, new house has been having an extreme makeover for the past two weeks and will continue to do so for the next few weeks, and well...probably the rest of it's life in all honesty.  Because that's how we roll.

We roll paint too.

Lots and LOTS of paint.

Yes, this is our laundry room, and yes, we know it looks old. That's the way we like it. 

I spent two days trying to make these cabinets look just the right age.  If I sanded them too much they would look like they belonged in the bottom of a river, but if I sanded them not enough they would look too new, and too fancy for our house.  What I'm trying to say is that these cabinets took some dedication.  Dedication that I had after drinking a lot of Peace Tea and eating a lot of brownies.

This is the "girl" bathroom, powder room, restroom, outhouse, whatever you prefer to call it...

The walls our turquoise (Surprise, surprise) and my Mom suggested that I paint a pink border around the mirror to give the room that "Gypsy" "Hacienda" look we were going for.  I took her suggestion and ran with it.

I ran too far.  I basically ran from Texas all the way to Canada and back.

Translation: I got carried away with the pink.

And the swirls...

And the flowers...

But if you have an imagination, and appreciation for all things gypsy you will LOVE this bathroom.

Judging by the look on his face when my Dad came into the room, he does not have an imagination or an appreciation for all things gypsy.

Our fireplace.

I love fireplaces.

They bring warmth, and comfort, and joy every time I look at one, especially when it's lit. But if it's lit and I stare at it too long then I start losing my vision and I get cranky.

I have issues.

My Mom struggled with what color to paint the fireplace for an entire afternoon.

We all offered our suggestions:

Me: Turquoise! Because that's the answer to everything...

Trail: There's a bull snake in the yard!

Daddy: Hopsack, because that's what we have the most of...

Autumn: .....

(I can't remember her suggestion. I don't think she was in the room. She was probably eating cobbler, or dancing...)

Mama: Turquoise with brown over it!

The verdict now: Brown. Because it looked pretty.

This Indian.

This Indian is probably my favorite thing in the house because, well...because it's an Indian!

She is painted on Autumn's bedroom wall, so that she can wake up every morning, look at this confident creature, and embrace each day with confidence herself!

And so that she can feel like an Indian every time she cooks a squirrel, or takes a scalp...

Sorry, that was graphic. 

Goodbye Forever.

Peace, Love, & Sometimes I think I forget I live in the 21st century...

Sweet T

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