Monday, April 23, 2012

The Brahman Breeder & The Sandhill Cowboy

These homeboys are twins.

Ok, no they are not.

But they could be.

They are actually father and son, even though the son is almost as tall as the father.

The all day at the Feedyard called Sandhill.

He rides, he ropes, he shows horses galore.  He gives shots, mends fences, pulls trailers, and mucks stalls galore.  He watches Westerns, reads his Bible, and doesn't cook...galore.  He knows cattle, and horses, and how to play a mean game of Round Pen Baseball.  You can frequently hear him saying "I've had worse than that on my lip and never quit whistlin'" And then you can find him on the couch crying for my mom (his wife...duh) because he has a cold, but don't tell anyone that.  You can also frequently find him humbly accepting a new belt buckle because he has not let his God given talents go to waste.  He is the funniest I know, he is the nicest guy I know, he's the hardest worker I know, and he has the cutest daughters I've ever seen.

I should be slapped for that.

The Son...goes to school all day at a place called Lazbuddie.

He catches animals of all kinds, he has a Brahman, he has a horse, he has kitties galore, and her in a few days you will find him with all kinds of chickens running around. He can tell you anything about anything and sometimes he's even right.  He plays baseball, basketball, and rides his horse with the best of them.  Give him a cookie dough ice cream and 6:00 doesn't seem so early anymore.  Don't underestimate his knowledge either, sometimes I think that he knows more than me.  He has the kindest heart of any 9 year old boy I have ever met.  He is quick to love, even though he doesn't always show it, and he already has a heart that belongs to the Lord.  He's an alright kid...and he has the cutest sisters I've ever seen.

Goodbye forever.

These guys are two very unique characters.

Peace, Love, & What would we do without the Brahman Breeder & the Sandhill Cowboy?

Sweet T

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