Monday, April 23, 2012

'Stache of Dreams

It's late.

It's much too late to be blogging.

It's much to late to be studying for horticulture.

It's much to late to be planning my wedding...I do that sometimes, plan my wedding, because I'm weird like that. Pray for my FH (future husband.)

It's much to late to be trying to kill spiders with hairspray. (That would be my crazy roommate not me.  Even though I'm crazy too.)

It's much to be late to be thinking about how late it is, and that how when I live on my future (funny) farm staying up this late will not be in the question because I will have to get up in the morning to gather eggs, milk the cow, and make breakfast for my cute, country family. Amen.

Speaking of "cute" and "country" lets get to the point...

This is Pop again...the star of my Instagram.

I just think he is stinkin' cute.

He's stinkin' country too.

I feel that Pop should be the poster child of something very manly, or maybe he should be the new Marlboro Man, or maybe he should just be a male model?

Don't let this debonair man fool you.  He is a hard worker, a skilled farmer, and ok, lets just face it: Anyone that can grow a 'stache like this man is what dreams are made of.

Especially my grandma's dreams.

Did I really just say that?

I better go to bed now.

Goodbye forever.

Peace, Love, & I'm in a state of sleep deprivation right now, and it's rocking my world...In a good way.

Sweet T

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