Monday, March 19, 2012

Hands of a Farmer

Have you ever stopped to think what you can tell from a persons hands?

Don't worry, me neither.

Usually when I look at someones hands I'm looking to see what kind of jewels they have on, or what kind of ice cream they are serving me. Amen.

Not until recently when I happened upon the blog Hands of a Farmer did I realize what all you can find out by studying the wrinkles in someones hand.

***Side note: Ok, Ok...I didn't happen upon the blog by myself.  I was assigned this blog as a class project, but I found it so riveting that I kind of wanted to claim it as my own stroke of genus. Forgive me.***

For this blog you take a picture of a farmers hands (Duh) and then tell the farmers story.

Since my own Daddy is not a farmer, I chose my Grandpa because he is the best farmer I know.  And I'm not just saying that because I'm his favorite granddaughter...

*Ahem*cough cough*Ahem* Who just said that?

Moving on....

Now sit back and enjoy as I show you the story of my Farmer named Pop.

(You may refer to him as "Pop" or "Poppy" or "Poppers" or "Poppilicious" or "Fred". His real name isn't Fred, I just think that would suit him....)

Name: David Lynn Templeton
Age: Wise...just kidding, he's 60.

***Side note: To find out Davids age, I had to text him (and the best granddaughter award goes to.....not me.) this is how are conversation went:

Me: "How old you be?
Pop: "60...61 in May"
Me: "Ok old timer"
Pop: "Still a pretty old poot"

Can someone tell me what a "poot" is?***

Background in Agriculture: David Templeton has been farming since birth, and wouldn't have had it any other way.

Most Difficult moment in agriculture: "Now. 2011.  I've been farming for years and years and this has been the toughest year yet."

Most Joyous moment in agriculture:  "All of it.  Getting to raise my family in this hard, quiet, fulfilling way of life that so many don't get to enjoy."

David Templeton is loved by his wife Julie, his two sons, one daughter, and 8 adorable grandchildren that are probably the coolest kids on planet Earth. Amen.

Peace, Love, & Go thank a farmer...preferably ones referred to as "Pop" or "Poppy" or "Poppers" or "Poppilicious" or "Fred"....sorry I'm weird.

Sweet T

P.S. David loves his grandchildren so much that he poses for them in church while they take pictures of his mustache because it is that cool...