Monday, March 26, 2012

My Seester

Today is a Monday.

Today I drank Sweet Tea for lunch and it made me feel cool because my name is "Sweet T."

But most of all today, I miss my Sister.

Especially when I look at this picture....

A time when we were both young and free...

A time when wearing flowers in your hair was cool...

A time when we laughed at everything, and I do mean everything...

A time when we spent every second of the day quoting Will Ferrell movies...

Ok...Who am I kidding?  We still are young and free. We still wear flowers in our hair.  We still laugh at everything.  And we most definitely still quote Will Ferrell movies. Amen.

Nevertheless, I do still miss my Lovely little sister that probably can no longer be considered little because I am now currently calling her almost everyday asking for her advise for my college problems.

Maybe I should havebeen the youngest daughter?

On second thought...I am way to bossy to be the youngest daughter.

Heck, I'm way to bossy to be the oldest daughter.

Now stop browsing the Internet and go do something useful! Just kidding. Please still read my blog!


Pretty Please?

I'll make you cupcakes?

Ok good. I'm glad we reached an agreement.

Peace, Love, & I love my seester.

Sweet T (Who drinks Sweet Tea for lunch.)

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Jennifer said...

Sisters are pretty cool. :)