Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homeboy in Spur

Last weekend I went to Spur, Texas with this guy...

He's kind of weird.

But that's ok, I'm weird too.  Did ya'll know that? Ok good. Just clarifying...

While we were in the big 'ole town of Spur we had lots of adventures that I am going to tell you about, and you are going to appreciate me telling you about them because you love me. And I love you. And I love cupcakes. Amen.

Moving on....

We saw Mama Cows.  I told them they were pretty.  They told me to please go away. I cried. The end.

So I played with Tanner's dog Luke.

(Oh by the way, everyone meet Tanner Arnold, or "Homeboy" as I like to call him.)

Luke liked me, and let me pet his head, so I was happy again.

Then we went and built a fence.  When I say "we" what I really mean is they (They being homeboy and his Dad) did all the manual labor that made them tired and sweaty, and I sat on the ground and took pictures.

It's what I do.

This gun is not pointed at anything.  It's used to make sure the fence was straight, or aligned, or not know what I mean.

These are pliers.  I liked them because they are turquoise.  Homeboy liked them because they were turquoise too. 

After we got most of the work for the day done (We again meaning not me) we took it easy...

I like taking it easy when the views look like the one above. 

It's peaceful.

It's quiet.

It's full of peace and quiet.

Homeboy took time out of his day to contemplate the meaning of life.

Just kidding, he was just taking a break from hiking up the hill.

Ok. I'm lying. He was waiting on me to catch my breath and stop gagging from hiking up the hill.

It was very kind hearted of him.

I repayed him by not falling and breaking my neck.

He appreciated that.

 These horses were contemplating the meaning of life too.

And I was contemplating how long I could get them to stand still and look at me while I took their picture.

All the pretty horses.

It's not just a movie anymore.

Now we're back to Luke.

Isn't he precious?

I decided that I'm going to take him home with me.

Don't tell Homeboy.

I had a good time in Spur, Texas.

Thanks to Homeboy.

Peace, Love, & I promise I'm not completely worthless...

All of the time.

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