Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Cowgirl Poetry...Amen.

Since it's snowing outside....(Snowing ALOT)

Since I have Finals to study for, and I don't want to....

Since I have a lot of coffee running through my system right now...

Since it's almost Christmas...

I am going to write a Holiday Cowgirl Poem for a Holiday Cowgirl Poetry Contest.

This is the beauty of Facebook.  You see, I am friends with the AQHA on facebook, and they put up a post of this here contest that is going on over the Holidays.  As soon as I read it I said to myself, "Self, you write poetry (ahem, attempt to write poetry) and you are a cowgirl...and it's the Holidays!  So why not write a poem for it?!"  I in turn replied to myself with this, "Great idea Self! You deserve a cookie..." And then I ate a Christmas cookie...or two. Or three.  Ok four, I just couldn't help myself.

Trouble is: I'm having trouble coming up with an appropriate topic. 

Sure I could write a "Cowgirl Poem," and sure I could write a "Holiday Poem," but I need help putting both the ideas together.

The first thing I thought to write about is my dear, sweet Alotofbull...

Oh how I love Alotofbull.

He was my boyfriend up until 4 years ago when we sold him, but I still love him mor'n my luggage.

He was everything a girl could ever want: Strong.  Beautiful.  Quiet.  Wild.  Talented.

My list could go on and on forever, Amen.

So I have my topic picked out, but how do I turn it in to a Holiday poem?

Someone with a brain bigger than mine please help me.


I'll make you cookies?

Ok, it's settled then.

Peace, Love, & this is a WAY better alternative than studying...

Sweet T

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