Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Wish I Lived In An Airstream

I have a lot of weird traits...Quoting movies uncontrollably, eating chocolate covered raisins uncontrollably, singing Taylor Swift songs uncontrollably, writing Johnny Cash lyrics instead of studying...uncontrollably.  Just to name a few.

One weird trait though, that comes to mind right now is this: I consider myself a Gypsy.

I'm not sure when I decided that I wanted to be one/became one, but I kinda like it myself.

I even travel like a gypsy...

I wear gypsy like things...

Everything I paint, in some way or another...mostly another, resembles a gypsy...

I'm not sure if this is normal behavior, and I'm not sure this is something I should tell people...probably not.  I'm guessing not.

But nevertheless, my behavior hasn't gotten so extreme that every time I do something even remotely strange, my lovely sister comes up with this reply:

"Oh, just go live in an airstream!"

Alright, lovely sister your wish is my command....

Sometimes I wish I lived in Airstream
Homemade curtains lit just like a gypsy
Break a heart roll out of town
'Cause gypsies never get tied down

Sometimes I wish I lived on a mountain
Drank from a stream instead of a fountain
I'd stay there, top of the world
But I was born a red dirt girl

Unbridled or tethered in tide
The safety of the fence
Or the danger of the ride
I'll always be unsatisfied

Sometimes I wished I lived by a pier
In a light house with a chandelier
I'd watch everybody's ships come in
And then I'd sail away with them

Unachored in a storm
Or save me on the shore
If this is all I need
Why do I want more

Sometimes I wish I lived in an Airstream
Homemade curtains lit just like a Gypsy

-Miranda Lambert

My only wish right now is that I had written this and not Miranda Lambert. Amen.

Peace, Love, & Excuse me while I go play my tambourine

Sweet T

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