Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm feeling a change...

Everything, as some point or another, has to change...

We may not always like, we may even (dare I say it) loathe it but, it's bound to happen at some point in time.

For Example:


(No, not the girl but rather the season.) We all love autumn.  The colors are gorgeous, the weather is delightful but, eventually this delightful season has to go away and we make way for winter.  What we fail to realize at the time though is that winter is just as lovely as autumn.  It's the change we dislike.

'Nother Example:


We love to eat. (Don't deny it!) But there comes a time in every ones life when we have to change our eating habits...No more cupcakes & coffee everyday but rather spinach and green tea. (and a steak every morning for breakfast, Amen.)  This change isn't pleasant at the time but, it's a change we all have to make if we know what is good for us.

'Nother 'nother Example:

Big. Ratted. Curly. Rodeo Queen Hair.

We all love this hair.  Why wouldn't we? It's glamorous.  It's HUGE.  It's inspiring.  But...just as seasons come and go, and waistband expand, so must our idea of fashion, change. 

(NOTE: I am being (VERY) hypocritical at this point because, I still adore (and still do my hair) big, ratted, curly, rodeo queen hair.  And I will until the day I die, or all my hair falls out. Amen.)

What I am hinting at my friends, is that Sweet T is over. The End.

Just Kidding!

Sweet T will never be over...sorry 'bout ya.

No, what I am really hinting at is that Sweet T as we know it, is changing.

I have designed a new blogging home for Sweet T, and you know? She quite likes it.

It's cozy, it's pretty, and we both feel at home there.

If we're being truthful here, I have to admit that I am slightly sad about this change.

Granted I will still blog everyday, I will still post humiliating picture of me, my family, friends, you, etc., and I will still be called "Sweet T"...

I will just be doing all this from a different website.

I was cautious about doing this, (especially since on our Christmas card my mom put this website...I haven't told her yet. Don't Blame her...Blame my Grandma. Just kidding, I don't know why I said that...I'm awkward.) but I feel it is for the betterment of Sweet T.  We need to branch out, to be brave, and to tackle life head on!

So join us in this journey as we move from our humble little blogspot, and change it just a little.

Peace, Love, & Much, much love to you all.

Sweet T

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