Friday, November 5, 2010


I have a pig.

And no his name is not Trail.

His name is Augustus, after my favorite movie cowboy, Augustus McCrae.

My pig's mustache isn't quite to Mr. McCrae's standards yet though....but we're working on it.

In fact Augustus the pig doesn't even really resemble Augustus the cowboy....

Augustus the pig looks somewhat like this....

Except he doesn't get to frolic in a field of flowers that often.

Just when he's being a good boy.

Ok, I lied...he never gets to frolic in a field of flowers.  But occasionally he does get to frolic in sand and mud.

Don't cry for Augustus, he loves his owner.

Autumn has a pig too....

He doesn't has a name yet, but I feel we should name him "Autumn" simply because he resembles his owner.

See for yourself...

Peace, Love, & I'm not a bad Person, just slightly bored.

Sweet T

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