Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lets Give Thanks...for Thanksgiving

Because it is near and dear to my heart, and stomach.

Not to mention it's a time of peace and prosperity for all who encounter the abundance of flavor that are in the traditional meals.

Thanksgiving season makes me jolly...

For the obvious reasons:

  • No school
  • family
  • and pumpkin pie

And for the not so obvious reasons:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • various cranberry sauces
  • and Dressing
You'll notice that a number of my reasons are food. (is that a form of gluttony?)
Now I want you to be sure and know that I AM THANKFUL FOR MY FAMILY...I'm just also very thankful they can make delicious food.


And Veggies...

Yes, I do like veggies...I know, that's probably not normal for a teenage girl.

And Thanksgiving does happen to be one of my ALL TIME favorite meals...ever.
Did I mention I love it.
And that it's my favorite?
Well, it is.

I love everything about it.

And now if you'll excuse me I am going to go con my Mother into making "Thanksgiving" right now.

And if she doesn't, I'm coming to your house.

Will you make me Thanksgiving?

Peace, Love, & Turkeys make the World go round...

Sweet T


Tori said...

"Love of Thanksgiving food" is something you have in common with your Moron Uncle.

Tori said...

Does that make you a Moron too? Just asking!!! lol