Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh My!

Dear Friends,

It has been over almost two weeks since the last time we talked, and every single day (NOT A JOKE) I would go to bed thinking, "Oh My!"
Simply because I had not written!

Were you as dismayed as I was?
Is "Oh My!" something my Mother would say?
Am I turning into my Mother?
Are you turning into your Mother?
Do you call your Mother, "Mother?"

Sorry....I forget that I'm a dork sometimes....

Anyways since we last talked my life has been nothing short of eventful...

I Have...
1)Been to basketball practice.

Every day for at least two hours, and BELIEVE ME it has paid off!
I can now dribble with both my right, AND left hands, but not at the same time, I think that would be called a foul or something.

Don't hate me.

2)Been to Farm Skills Practice.

For those of you who don't savvy Farm Skills it is an FFA event where myself, and two other lovely ladies named Justin, and Colton build an electric fence, and present it to a panel of judges...with our voices.
Interesting? You ask....

Oh yes, it very well is....We'll be at the Grand Ole Opry in exactly two weeks.

Just kidding...

But it is very fun (for us) and we take pride in our fence....We also respect it, because if you don't it will shock you, and make you lose all composure and run away crying for you Mom.

3) Attempted Actual College Classes & Applied for Actual College Scholarships

Now I'm not going to talk about this for very long because every time I do I get a searing pain in my neck...(ahem, pain in my neck???....Don't hate me.)

Anyways, It stressful.
And not fun.

And now if you'll exscuse me, I'm going to go stick my head in the freezer for a minute.
Please don't report me.

4) Been to the Ranch Rodeo Finals.

This has been the highlight of my last two & a half weeks...despite almost breaking my leg..(I'll explain later, because when I talk about it, I am still overcome with nauseating waves of embarrassment that make me sick to my stomach) because it was full of
  • fun
  • cows of various sizes,
  • horses of various sizes, colors, and talents,  
  • cowboys of various sizes, and various talents.

Now two of those cowboys just happened to win "Top Horse" and "Top Hand"...I won't mention names because I don't want their heads to outgrow their cowboy hats, of them I happen to call "Father."
And the other one I just call "Moron."....or "Uncle."
But mostly "Moron."

And also a cowgirl I call "P-Brain" or "Sister."
But mostly "P-Brain."
Just happened to win the Sr. Youth Ranch Horse Competition.

Like I said though, I won't mention names.....


That about sums up my last two and a half weeks.

I know it wasn't interesting.
But that's not a normal week for me.
Usually I take a few fast trips to Rome to sample different types of olives, or fly to Canada to feed the geese, but this week I decided to take it easy.

Peace, Love, & Canadian Geese aren't  as friendly as they seem.

Sweet T

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