Friday, May 27, 2011

 Summer's 1st day of school........
Summer's last day of school.....:(

Before I go any further, I better inform you that this is not Sweet T.  I am her adoring mother, and yes, I have hacked into her blog today.  First of all, can I get some applause for posting this Graduation Day post all by myself (with pictures!)  Sorry, it's my first time, and I'm not what you would call a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination!

This sneaky blog post came to me during my restless sleep last night.  All the tossing & turning was due to the realization that my baby girl is no longer a baby.  She is 18, graduating High School tonight, & leaving our safe cozy home in just a few short months.  She is going to college where she will get her degree in journalism, become a famous writer, marry the man of her dreams, have children, make enough money to buy a ranch large enough to accomodate her parents and siblings, where we will all live in very close proximity to each other forever and ever.... Amen!  Ok, Ok...... maybe i'm getting a tad bit carried away.  I can't help it.  This day has come far faster than I expected.  To say that the last 18 years have flown by is a huge understatement!!  I thought I was prepared for it....until last night.  Then, while decorating for graduation, it hit me like a ton of bricks!  Parents gathered to finally view the Senior slide show.  My sweet daughter has refused to reveal her Senior song, until last night.  So, as we rolled around to the T's (Townsend) I start to see precious childhood photos of Summer, then Summer & Autumn, then Summer & Trail (all hugging each other). Don't do it, don't do it!!! Surely you can remain composed for a silly little slide show.....nope I lost it!  The song got me.  She picked Martina McBride's "I have been blessed".  Hang on...I have to go get some tissue.
Summer, We aren't necessarily proud of you because you finished High School.  Although a great accomplisment, many kids do this every year. Our pride in you comes from your choices.  You have chosen to overcome and be an extremely mature, loving, responsible, precious young lady. We love you beyond words!          
Peace, Love, & We will always be your biggest fans!!

P.S.  sleep late in the morning.... at least til 7:00!!


Tyler, Kristin and Bronc said...

Thats awesome Hope!! Congrats to Summer!! She's a beautiful young lady!!

Tori said...

Boo Hoo....seriously. I hope I can stop crying enough to attend graduation tonight.

a) The writing skills must come from your mother.
b) You are everything she says, we think it too!!
c) We love you.
d) Good Luck!!

The Smiths - Riley, Tori, Scout & Reno

Rachelle Atkinson said...

Wow, Hope, what a beautiful post! No wonder everyone's so proud of you, Summer. Wishing you the best of everything ahead!!