Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Summer Guessing Game

Now that the tassel has been turned, and all the tears have been cried (well at least until I "officially" move out,) and all the graduation parties have been attended (my last one was today, where I experienced for the first time in my life, swimming with real, live catfish, and no I didn't scream like a little girl, or think that they were eating my toes...or at least not excessively,) it is time for the big question to be answered:


Instead of just coming right and telling you the answer, why don't we make a game out of it, because I am a game-lover. 
I love games. 
Games make me happy, and I never cheat...or at least not excessively.

So now I present you with what I like to call.....

(The Trivia Game, where if you're not cheating you're not trying!)

Is Sweet T going to...........

A.  Lounge on the beach all summer...
Where she will get pedicure, manicures, and need no cures, because she will never get ill breathing in the ocean air.  Drinking Sweet Tea (Is that irony?) would be here favorite past time, right after shopping all day on the board walk.

B.  Visit colleges all summer....
Where she is desperately wanted for her intellectual ability, and for her fondness, and overall talent of using the word "moron."

C.  Work, Rodeo, and Ride Bikes all summer....
Sweet would work nearly every other day, (she must take turns with her lovely sister, and her Brahman Breeding Brother) at her Daddy's feedyard where she would experience dirt, cattle, and horses of every color, and lets not forget to mention overall joy.  After a day at the feedyard she would most likely spend her evenings and weekends at Rodeo, where she is Sandhill Cattle Company's A #1 cheerleader (yes actual cheers are involved even if they are as simple as "Don't forget to Milk the Cow!!!" Does that make sense? On leisurely days, Sweet T would venture to ride her bike to her grandparent's house, to get exercise, to find peace in nature, and to get her grandpa to take her home, and hopefully buy her ice cream on the way.


If you guessed A, or B, you need to get a reality check.  Not to say that I don't love the beach, or that I'm not the most brilliant girl in the world (I'm just brilliant when it comes to eating cupcakes, and blogging at the same time, and even then I struggle) but when you live the life of a teenage cowgirl, "leisure", and "beach" are not in your vocabulary.

Well, unless your saying:  That lake over their sort of looks like a beach, and it makes me want to stroll leisurely.

Ok, see? Even then it doesn't make since....

So when your strolling leisurely on your private beach, or touring an ivy league school, think of me.  I'll rodeo, work, and ride bikes enough for all of you, and I do consider myself the blessed one.
(And yes, that is because I am afraid of jellyfish, and high IQ's.)

Peace, Love, & Moron is such a strong word.  Maybe that's why I love it?

Sweet T

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