Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Ending & The Beginning

As I wake up on the dawn of the morning after graduation, three things come to mind.

1) I slept past 7 a.m., so your welcome Mother.
2) I have a hangover.....A cupcake hangover that is, and I'm not sure how long it will take me to get over it, but it could be months, especially since I ate one for breakfast, and will probably have one for lunch as well.
3) I am blessed.

Last night after laughing, crying, and hugging through graduation, and then after that my graduation party (the same party where I received the cupcake hangover) the realization of it all hit me.  Not the realization that I am blessed, because I have always known that, but more so the fact that all the people that attended my graduation and then my party were their to celebrate the ending, and also the beginning.

The ending...of my H.S. career, a career that was long, and at times unbearably tough, but at even more times it was filled with moments of laughter, joy, and love. These are the moments I will never forget, and the moments I owe totally and completely to my friends, and most of all my family.

The beginning...of my college career, a career that is uncertain, inevitably tough, and so promising.  College is something that me, and every other High School senior has been thinking of for the past 12 months, and we all have the same feelings: dread, and even more anticipation. We really don't know what the future holds....Well, I say that, but then again I do know what the future holds, or at least I have an Idea, because I know that my family has given me every "tool" I need to get through life, and these tools are not hammers, and screwdrivers (even though I have these too, because I am afraid of my own shadow) but they are a loving family to come home too, and my Christian values.  And that is why I'm not so afraid of college anymore, because I know that whatever happens I will make it through it with a song in my heart! And God-willingly, will achieve all my goals.

So thanks to everyone for everything, I know that is a broad sentence, but I mean it with all my heart, and only hope that I can return all the favors someday.

Peace, Love, & I truly love you all

Sweet T

P.S. Here's a shout out to Hopilicious (my mom) for making that sweet, sweet post yesterday, that made me sob all over my shirt...I even think I drooled a little, but nevermind that, I love you, Daddy, my lovely sister, and the Brahman Breeder to the moon and back.

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