Monday, May 9, 2011

Ode to Mama

Yesterday I was to busy to blog because I was busy spending the day with none other than my mother. (Rhyme on accident I promise.)

So all excuses aside it is now time for me to proclaim my thankfulness to her.  Enjoy.

Ode to Mama
By: Sweet T (AKA: Hopeless Cupcake Addict)

Dear Mama, your so sweet,
Much Sweeter than the cupcakes I like to eat, and eat, and eat.

You bring joy to this household of ours,
And when I'm sad you give me the stars.

Not literally of course,
but you are literally afraid of a horse.

But I forgive you for this because you are still strong,
You can even carry your huge purse with just one arm.

To say you are wise would be an understatement,
but I won't hesitate I will still proclaim it!

I will also proclaim your great worth to me,
because without you myself I would not be.

Love your daughter,
who likes to drink water. (AKA: Hopeless moron)

Peace, Love, & tell your Mama you love her, and then she might make you brownies, Amen.

Sweet T

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