Friday, May 6, 2011

Blessings 'a Plenty

Today since I have finally recovered from my severe illness of throwupalottagus...(Too much information? Sorry.)

And since I ate a really delicious chocolate cake last night....

And since I love my Family, and my Mother is beautiful...(Mother's Day is coming up, and to forget that would be eternal shame.)

And since I am eternally grateful that my hair poofed delightfully this morning with the help of my expert ratting...(Too much information? Sorry.)

And since I am in just a plain good old fashioned mood I am going to count all of my blessings...


Note: Not in any certain order, just in the order that my brain puts them...I think, or my brain thinks.

Blessing #1.  I have a very protective brother.

And when I say Very Protective, that is bit of an understatement.

Here's an example:

Boy (Any Boy in the world, it could even be Prince William) says "Hi" to me...

I say "Hi" back.

Trail yells "Shut up Scum Bag!" and then he goes and kicks Prince William in the shin.

Ok, he doesn't say "Scum Bag" but everything else is completely accurate.

And for the record, Yes, I do consider this a blessing, Amen.

Blessing #2.  The blessings of nature

The blessings of nature give me plums, and plums make Plum Pie, and I love plum pie.  Therefore the blessings of nature are indeed a blessing.  The end.

Blessing #3. Fashion Conscious Cousins

Even from a young age, this girl knows a good fashion-worthy accessory from a less than desirable accessory.

And this will prolong her life.

Just kidding, but it will make very cute throughout life.

And that's all that matters.

Just kidding again, please ignore me.

Blessing #4. Beautiful Destinations

I've been

Just kidding, I've hardly been anywhere (man), but the places I have been have been beautiful, have been learning experiences, and have been family affairs. And that's what

Peace, Love, & Always count you blessings over, and over again, Amen.

Sweet T

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